Renewing Your Mind:

Confronting Lies with Truth

Our culture tells us lies to make us feel good about ourselves. These lies may seem right at first, but following them will have long term consequences. The Bible corrects these lies by giving good advice on the common issues we face, and while it might be harder to follow at first, you will build character to withstand the storms of life.

Renewing your mind

Expand any tab below to discover the Biblical answers to these common lies.

Practical helps to renew your mind

  • Discover

    Discover the lies you are believing

  • Memorize

    Memorize the scripture that sheds the light of truth on your situation

  • Verbalize

    When you are faced with a temptation, say the scripture out loud (that’s what Jesus did; “It is written!” Matthew 4)

  • Pray

    Fill your prayers with scripture you have memorized as you pour out your concerns to God.