1 Thessalonians 5:25   Brothers, pray for us



Point Men - Thursday Morning Prayer Time

Join us Thursday mornings from 6:00-6:30 A.M. in The Commons for hot coffee and prayer. 

Join our Grace Point Encouragement Prayer Team Ministries

If you have a prayer request or praise or an update about yourself or another church member/ attender, please email Pastor Tim.


Join our Grace Point Prayer Team

If you have a prayer request or update for anyone that does not attend GPC, please email the Prayer Team Coordinator, April Fliedner.  Missionary updates and prayer requests will also come through the Prayer Team.

If you wish to serve as an encourager or prayer warrior with communication via email please contact either Pastor Tim or April.


Do you need a church to call home??

Please stop in and introduce yourself at our Information Center.

It's staffed by super friendly people that will be happy to show you around!